Galaxy Tab S new Samsung tablet is lightweight and versatile

Two models with fingerprint scanner and customizable profiles for multiple users. Thin and easy to handle, arriving in Italy in early July.

The new Samsung tablet: curiously, the home button is on the higher side in the larger model of the minor in the smallest model.

In 2017 there will be nearly half a billion in the world of tablet, and already today 50% of users use them to watch. Photos, movies, pictures, videos. Here then is that the viewing experience is essential.


So yesterday, Samsung has introduced a new tablet that relies entirely on the display: the Galaxy Tab S has a Super AMOLED screen (2560×1600 pixels) that provides more vivid colors and defined a darker black and a white lighter than many competitors. Almost to the point of saturation colors, decidedly strong: perfect for an action movie or to see photos of a sunset. In addition to the videos, the screen 16:10, instead of the more common 4:3, eliminates the horizontal black bars and use the entire surface of the screen. On the Galaxy Tab saturation and range of colors to suit what you’re watching (video, images, text), and the lighting conditions in which you are located. If you prefer manual control, choosing between AMOLED Cinema Photo, you can still customize the screen to suit your needs. The Super AMOLED technology, along with the Ultra Power-Saving Mode, provides a lasting record of the batteries in an emergency, even if they will only text and images in black and white.


The new Samsung tablet is lightweight and easy to handle, with a weight ranging from 465 grams of the model from 10.5 inches to 294g than 8.4. The 6.6 mm thick make it convenient to use especially in motion, holding it with one hand. The most observant will notice that the back has the same finish as the last top smartphone from Samsung, the Galaxy s5. The accessories have been designed to adapt to different operating conditions: the book cover, which is attached to the device via two small “buttons” allows three tilt angles, depending on whether you want to watch a video, read or write. It is available in two colors, white and titanium, and provides a solid feel to the touch, which contrasts with the lightness of the device.

Perfect for play, Galaxy Tab S is also very practical for work. Free Office is already installed, which allows you to create presentations or working on spreadsheets, also the “drag and drop” makes it intuitive and quick switching from one application to another, to your liking by placing objects on the desktop. Through Quick Connect you can then sync the tablet with other devices, from laptops to smartphones Galaxy, and directly manage all the functions of the other devices.

The operating system is Android 4.4 KitKat with a proprietary interface fast and intuitive. But the best, the new Samsung tablet damage in the entertainment field. Not only for defining, handling and usability, but also for content and apps are included in the Galaxy Tab Kick S. For example, the new app dedicated to football, newly released exclusively for tablets and Samsung Smart TV . With Kick you will experience a full Sport: You can access all the information about your favorite team, but also statistics on matches, accessible in real time.

And then games: Papergarden, dedicated service to the digital magazine that debuts on Galaxy Tab S, and the many “Gifts” designed for users of the most recent Samsung. Out of all the Marvel Unlimited app designed for lovers of comics, and Kindle for Samsung, which allows you to have a book free every month.
In this wide variety of uses combines a great variety of possible users. For each one, you can create a personal profile optimized according to the needs, thanks to the “Multi User Mode”, which allows access through a fingerprint reader. And for children is embedded Kids Mode (for example, already seen on the Galaxy S5), with a dedicated interface and applications designed especially for the little ones.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.4 S, in the version for the Italian market with LTE and WiFi, it has 8.4 inch display, 4600 mAh battery, 2.3 Ghz Snapdragon processor, 3 GB RAM, 16 or 32GB of internal memory (expandable via micro-sd), 2.1 megapixel front camera and rear 8 megapixel. The largest model differs only in the 10.5-inch display and battery 7900 mAh. Curious choice to fix the home button on the longer side (which also contains the fingerprint reader) in the larger model, and version 8.4 inches on the shorter, almost suggesting for the first use predominantly horizontal, for according to a mostly vertical.

For holding in your hands the Galaxy Tab S will have to wait until next 4th of July and spend 499 Euros for the model to be 8.4 inches or 599 for the 10.5. But the real dilemma will be choosing, in a catalog such as Samsung which already offers many other tablets, at any price and size.

Samsung asks you to pass your Samsung Galaxy S3 to Galaxy S5

If you currently own a Samsung Galaxy S3 and you’re thinking about renovating your phone Samsung has decided to help you in your difficult choice. With three commercials highlight the qualities of his new Samsung Galaxy S5 respect to terminal features two generations ago as reviewing performance, screen and camera.

Obviously the difference between the two terminals is remarkable though it is curious that compare with the Samsung Galaxy S3 Samsung Samsung Galaxy instead of S4, which would be more logical to compare the results that would be more even.

A possible explanation for the latter is that Samsung have thought of those who purchased a Samsung Galaxy S3 with a contract of permanence with attendant 24 months , so it would already be free to change terminal or missing them little to do.

If you really want to know all the details of Samsung Galaxy S5 you can see the video analysis conducted by Engadget . And if you liked the comparisons and want to see one of the terminal compared to the high-end Sony Xperia Z2 and HTC One M8 , Engadget have done a face to face with these very interesting terminals .

Samsung Galaxy Alpha the Korean giant also likes metal

The catalog terminals and Samsung is leaking so bulky that it is easy to get confused. In fact, do not know how to take this Samsung Galaxy Alpha , if you are facing the rumored Galaxy range F in a commercial nomenclature or longer before a new family of smartphones premium Korean giant.

What we do is clear is that Samsung has prepared a surprise for us before the end of the year, beyond a Galaxy Note 4 should get to command the Galaxy at IFA Berlin.

The images have been leaked on a smartphone has been called Samsung Galaxy Alpha show a “normal” smartphone concept – not phablet – and that is made ​​around a metal frame chassis , specifically aluminum mirror polished finish .

As if this were not enough wrong with the Korean giant, the terminal also tracks trends in high-end market, mounting a 4.7-inch panel that leads directly to 2012 with the Galaxy S3.

The back, as you can see in the gallery with which accompany this information, maintains the dotted plastic finish of the last Samsung, also with similar synthetic leather touch.
There is talk that incorporate 32 GB of internal memory, we expected no less by not having possibility of expansion, something very strange about Samsung. Also keep the fingerprint reader and connectivity LTE-Advance thanks to a self-made chipset new bill, the Samsung Exynos ModAP .

There is no official information, so obviously we can not know when it will be presented, although there is talk that will be released in August. Limiting ourselves to the data, it seems that Samsung has designed directly to fight the iPhone being equal, so do not expect its release is delayed beyond.

Samsung Galaxy S5: the new king of the galaxy planting as many lights as shadows

Same appearance as Samsung Galaxy S4 and plasticky day is long, but with fingerprint reader, heart rate monitor and splash resistant. Here’s the new generation of mobile, who knows if favorite, but at least use many, many millions of people worldwide.

Samsung launches new model of its flagship phone in section: Galaxy S5 . This time, to put long chosen under the Mobile World Congress (MWC), the mother of all fairs phones, which meets as issues, which are less mobile and other features of other gadgets.

The launch of each new Galaxy S does not generate much excitement as a new iPhone , or create pernoctadoras queue at the door of establishments advertise their impending sale; but both terminals monopolize the wish list of those who want the ultimate in your hand in the smartphone concept. ? Sony, LG, Nokia …? As much as we try to attract attention with shocking proposals fail moment be at its height.

Samsung engineers on the one hand, and their bosses, on the other, have seen fit your S5 follows a continuous line in many ways. Beginning with its construction, from a few feet away will not be able to identify three differences from the S4. The plastic (and that is a terminal, in theory, premium, and in practice, expensive) rampant, even in simulating metal profile. As S4. Your back takes a finish that tries to imitate the leather (but no, it’s plastic) as seen in the big (and extraordinary) Galaxy Note 3 brother.

Your screen has grown a pinch until 5.1 inches (they are 5 on the S4) and still showing fantastic quality but still Full HD. A quantum leap in this regard was expected. Samsung may reserve it for your next Note.

The camera of 16 megapixels, is now much faster focusing and has certain details specific to dedicated senior cameras. Record videos in 4K resolution.

Includes a fingerprint sensor on the start button. Unlike the iPhone 5S, requiring only pose the yolk, in the case of S5 must slide. In addition to identification, also serves to restrict certain functions of the phone, and to validate payments.

The inclusion of a heart rate monitor is another of their news because Samsung openly declares the propensity of the new terminal to the world of fitness . In fact, you are invited to go jogging with him (has pedometer) or crush you with the dumbbell, because it also resists rain, sweat and splashes in general. Can be submerged up to 1 meter for 30 minutes; after that time or at depth, apparently dies.

Other notable detail is that it is compatible with 4G and WiFi includes generation (AC mode). Its battery is 2,800 mAh (we fancy cuts), with the curiosity is that if 10% load, takes the stand-by, the screen fades to grayscale mode and may remain so for 24 hours. Its processor is a quad core 2.5 GHz

Although Samsung is investigating a proprietary operating system and the Android Pimp when you feel like the S5 ‘runs’ on a pure Android. You may have to blame a recent pact with Google for this terminal to remain the ambassador and pampered by robots, (but always less than the Nexus, Google Mobile creature stage, the boss, sends).

Among the press, Samsung galaxy S5 has generated a feeling confronted : are surprised that we have continuity under its mainly because we know that Samsung has and can much more (higher resolution screen, a not so bland design, more RAM, eight cores …), although its apparent praise magnificent overall performance; and their commercial, travel grateful stomachs or under Korean ‘force’ them to launch fireworks corporate blue. Welcome to the present techno-media landscape.

What if rather cautious policy by Samsung can retract both sales and prestige mobile bearer? Apple already does with your iPhone: Couple years launch a renovated terminal; odd, him made to progress in certain details; and not doing anything wrong. The truth is that Samsung is very well covered with other sides to progress: Above S5, the Note and what is to come; but especially below, where terminals are mid-range in terms of price / performance, es-pec-ta-cu-la-tion.