Samsung Galaxy Alpha the Korean giant also likes metal

The catalog terminals and Samsung is leaking so bulky that it is easy to get confused. In fact, do not know how to take this Samsung Galaxy Alpha , if you are facing the rumored Galaxy range F in a commercial nomenclature or longer before a new family of smartphones premium Korean giant.

What we do is clear is that Samsung has prepared a surprise for us before the end of the year, beyond a Galaxy Note 4 should get to command the Galaxy at IFA Berlin.

The images have been leaked on a smartphone has been called Samsung Galaxy Alpha show a “normal” smartphone concept – not phablet – and that is made ​​around a metal frame chassis , specifically aluminum mirror polished finish .

As if this were not enough wrong with the Korean giant, the terminal also tracks trends in high-end market, mounting a 4.7-inch panel that leads directly to 2012 with the Galaxy S3.

The back, as you can see in the gallery with which accompany this information, maintains the dotted plastic finish of the last Samsung, also with similar synthetic leather touch.
There is talk that incorporate 32 GB of internal memory, we expected no less by not having possibility of expansion, something very strange about Samsung. Also keep the fingerprint reader and connectivity LTE-Advance thanks to a self-made chipset new bill, the Samsung Exynos ModAP .

There is no official information, so obviously we can not know when it will be presented, although there is talk that will be released in August. Limiting ourselves to the data, it seems that Samsung has designed directly to fight the iPhone being equal, so do not expect its release is delayed beyond.