Samsung asks you to pass your Samsung Galaxy S3 to Galaxy S5

If you currently own a Samsung Galaxy S3 and you’re thinking about renovating your phone Samsung has decided to help you in your difficult choice. With three commercials highlight the qualities of his new Samsung Galaxy S5 respect to terminal features two generations ago as reviewing performance, screen and camera.

Obviously the difference between the two terminals is remarkable though it is curious that compare with the Samsung Galaxy S3 Samsung Samsung Galaxy instead of S4, which would be more logical to compare the results that would be more even.

A possible explanation for the latter is that Samsung have thought of those who purchased a Samsung Galaxy S3 with a contract of permanence with attendant 24 months , so it would already be free to change terminal or missing them little to do.

If you really want to know all the details of Samsung Galaxy S5 you can see the video analysis conducted by Engadget . And if you liked the comparisons and want to see one of the terminal compared to the high-end Sony Xperia Z2 and HTC One M8 , Engadget have done a face to face with these very interesting terminals .


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